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Protein Purification/Separation Reagents

MBL International is proud to provide tools for protein purification/separation assays.  The tools we offer are popular among researchers because they are easy to use, maintain native protein conformation, and result in high quality and yield of their protein of interest.  Find popular epitope tags, magnetic beads, magnetic agarose beads, agarose beads, and purification kits, among other tools, to easily purify your protein of interest.

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3190 Magnetic Rack1.5 mL x 8 tubes$460.54
3305 c-Myc tagged Protein MILD PURIFICATION KIT Ver.2c-Myc20 Tests$536.56
3310 His tagged Protein PURIFICATION KITHis20 Tests$518.67
3311 His tagged Protein PURIFICATION GELHisAnti-His tag Gel: 1 mL, Elution Peptide: 2mg x5$566.37
3320 HA tagged Protein PURIFICATION KITHA20 Tests$566.37
3325 DDDDK tagged Protein PURIFICATION KITDDDDK20 Tests$566.37
3300-205 c-Myc tag peptide (EQKLISEEDL)c-Myc5 x 1 mg$333.86
3305A c-Myc tagged Protein MILD PURIFICATION KIT Ver.2 (Trial Kit)c-Myc2 Tests$113.27
3306K c-Myc-tagged Protein PURIFICATION CARTRIDGEc-Myc1 mL$1,246.38
3310-205 His tag peptideHis2 mg x 5$304.05
3310A His tagged Protein PURIFICATION KIT Trial KitHis2 Tests$113.27
3315-205 V5-tag peptideV52 mg x 5$333.86
3320-205 HA-tag peptideHA2 mg x 5$417.33
3325-205 DDDDK-tag peptideDDDDK1 mg x 5$298.09
3306 c-Myc tagged Protein MILD PURIFICATION GELc-MycGel 1 mL, Peptide 1 mg$882.00
3321 HA-tagged Protein Purification GelHA1 mL$552.66
4695-100 Annexin V-Biotin (Reagent)Annexin V1 mL (100 Tests)$396.90
3317 V5-tagged Protein Purification Kit Ver.2V520 Tests$566.37
3318 V5-tagged Protein Purification Gel Ver.2V51 mL$566.37
3317A V5-tagged Protein Purification Kit Ver.2 (Trial Kit)V52 Tests$113.27
3340 c-Myc-tagged Protein Magnetic Purification Kitc-Myc1 kit$549.87
3341 V5-tagged Protein Magnetic Purification KitV51 kit$549.87
3342 HA-tagged Protein Magnetic Purification KitHis1 kit$549.87
3340A c-Myc-tagged Protein Magnetic Purification Kit (Trial Kit)c-Myc1 kit$113.27

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