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MBL International’s stock and custom peptides can be used for stimulation assays or with custom tetramer generation using the QuickSwitch™ custom tetramer kits. All peptides undergo a rigorous quality control process to ensure they are high grade including MS, LC-MS and HPLC analysis as well as COA documentation to ensure at least 95% purity.

Our stock peptides are specific to the MHC tetramer product line and contain peptides for popular disease targets such as CMV, MuLV, melanoma, prostate cancer and other virology and cancer targets.

Our custom peptides can be ordered using the Custom Peptide Order Form.  Most of these peptides will be shipped as quickly as 2-4 weeks. Peptide lengths can range from 2 amino acids to 100 amino acids depending on the peptide of interest, and are available in sizes from 1mg- 500mg and above.


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SP0008 Peptide HLA-A*02:01 Human pol ILKEPVHGV 1 mgHIV1 mg$210.00
SP0009 Peptide HLA-A*02:01 Mart-1 ELAGIGILTV 1 mg (formerly code #TS-0009-P)Mart-11 mg$210.00
SP0010 Peptide HLA-A*02:01 pp65 NLVPMVATV 1 mg (formerly code #TS-0010-P)CMV1 mg$210.00
SP0011 Peptide HLA-A*02:01 BMLF1 GLCTLVAML 1 mg (formerly code #TS-0011-P)EBV1 mg$210.00
SP0012 Peptide HLA-A*02:01 M1 GILGFVFTL 1 mg (formerly code #TS-0012-P)Influenza1 mg$210.00
SP0013 Peptide HLA-A*02:01 Human gp100 IMDQVPFSV 1 mggp1001 mg$210.00
SP0015 Peptide HLA-A*02:01 Human Her-2/neu KIFGSLAFL 1 mgCancer1 mg$210.00
SP0018 Peptide HLA-A*02:01 core FLPSDFFPSV 1 mg (formerly code #TS-0018-P)HBV1 mg$210.00
SP0019 Peptide HLA-A*02:01 Human Tyrosinase YMDGTMSQV 1 mgTyrosinase1 mg$210.00
SP0020 Peptide HLA-A*24:02 pp65 QYDPVAALF 1 mg (formerly code #TS-0020-P)CMV1 mg$210.00
SP0022 Peptide HLA-A*24:02 core EYLVSFGVW 1 mg (formerly code #TS-0022-P)HBV1 mg$210.00
SP0023 Peptide HLA-A*24:02 Human pol KYTSFPWLL 1 mgHBV1 mg$210.00
SP0024 Peptide HLA-A*01:01 Human pp50 VTEHDTLLY 1 mgCMV1 mg$210.00
SP0025 Peptide HLA-B*07:02 Human pp65 TPRVTGGGAM 1 mgCMV1 mg$210.00
SP0026 Peptide HLA-B*08:01 Human IE1 ELRRKMMYM 1 mgCMV1 mg$210.00
SP0027 Peptide HLA-B*35:01 Human pp65 IPSINVHHY 1 mgCMV1 mg$210.00
SP0029 Peptide HLA-A*02:01 Human Negative control 1 mg (formerly code #TS-0029-P)Negative1 mg$210.00
SP0035 Peptide HLA-A*02:01 Human gp100 KTWGQYWQV 1 mggp1001 mg$210.00
SP5001 Peptide H-2Kb OVA SIINFEKL 1 mg (formerly code #TS-5001-P)OVA1 mg$210.00
SP5002 Peptide H-2Db gp33-41 KAVYNFATC 1 mg (formerly code #TS-5002-P)LCMV1 mg$210.00
SP5004 Peptide H-2Kb TRP-2 SVYDFFVWL 1 mg (formerly code #TS-5004-P)TRP-21 mg$210.00
SP5008 Peptide H-2Db E7 RAHYNIVTF 1 mg (formerly code #TS-5008-P)HPV161 mg$210.00
SP5010 Peptide H-2Kb Mouse gp34-41 AVYNFATC 1 mgLCMV1 mg$210.00
SP5017 Peptide H-2Db Mouse gag AAVKNWMTQTL 1 mgSIV1 mg$210.00

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