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Biotinylated MHC monomers, the building blocks of MHC tetramers (Class I or Class II), are now available for tetramer construction flexibility and novel applications.

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TB-5109-M2 {B} H-2 Db MCMV M45 Monomer-HGIRNASFIMCMV500 ugCall Read More
TB-5109-M {B} H-2 Db MCMV M45 Monomer-HGIRNASFIMCMV50 µg$1,400.00
TB-5108-M2 {B} H-2 Db Survivin Monomer-ATFKNWPFLCancer500 ugCall Read More
TB-5108-M {B} H-2 Db Survivin Monomer-ATFKNWPFLCancer50 µg$1,400.00
TB-5111-M2 {B} H-2 Dd MCMV M164 Monomer-AGPPRYSRIMCMV500 ugCall Read More
TB-5111-M {B} H-2 Dd MCMV M164 Monomer-AGPPRYSRIMCMV50 µg$1,400.00
TB-5110-M2 {B} H-2 Kb HBV HBsAg Monomer-VWLSVIWMHBV500 ugCall Read More
TB-5110-M {B} H-2 Kb HBV HBsAg Monomer-VWLSVIWMHBV50 µg$1,400.00
TB-5112-M2 {B} H-2 Ld MTB Ag85A Monomer-MPVGGQSSF500 ugCall Read More
TB-5112-M {B} H-2 Ld MTB Ag85A Monomer-MPVGGQSSF50 µg$1,400.00
TBCM5-DdC-M2 {B} H-2Dd Custom Monomer (CP)Custom500 ugCall Read More
TBCM5-DdI-M2 {B} H-2Dd Custom Monomer (IP)Custom500 ugCall Read More
TBCM5-DdI-M {B} H-2Dd Custom Monomer (IP) (formerly product code # TSCM-5-H2Dd)Custom50 µg$2,000.00
TB-M552-M {B} H-2Kd IGRP Monomer-VYLKTNVFLDiabetes50 µg$1,400.00
TB-M553-M {B} H-2Kd NRP-V7 Monomer-KYNKANVFLDiabetes50 µg$1,400.00
TB-0126-M2 {B} HLA-A*01:01 Tyrosinase Monomer-KSDICTDEY500 ugCall Read More
TB-0126-M {B} HLA-A*01:01 Tyrosinase Monomer-KSDICTDEY50 µg$1,400.00
TB-0151-M2 {B} HLA-A*02:01 BA46 Monomer-GLQHWVPELCancer500 ugCall Read More
TB-0151-M {B} HLA-A*02:01 BA46 Monomer-GLQHWVPELCancer50 µg$1,400.00
TB-0169-M2 {B} HLA-A*02:01 BCR-ABL Monomer-GVRGRVEEICancer500 ugCall Read More
TB-0169-M {B} HLA-A*02:01 BCR-ABL Monomer-GVRGRVEEICancer50 µg$1,400.00
TB-0158-M2 {B} HLA-A*02:01 CD20 Monomer-SLFLGILSVCancer500 ugCall Read More
TB-0158-M {B} HLA-A*02:01 CD20 Monomer-SLFLGILSVCancer50 µg$1,400.00
TB-0131-M2 {B} HLA-A*02:01 EBV BALF4 Monomer-FLDKGTYTLEBV500 ugCall Read More

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