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Cancer Research Reagents

Cancer research is one of the most heavily researched areas, with advances made almost daily. Yet, more effective treatments, therapies, and methods of prevention remain elusive. As new biomarkers are characterized and found to have relevance in cancer signalling pathways, MBL International continuously adds new regents for these biomarkers to our already expansive portfolio. Please contact us if you do not see products to your biomarker of interest.


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CNA19604S [KD Validated] ATG7 Rabbit mAbAtg7100 µl$450.00
CNA20986P [KD Validated] Calreticulin Rabbit mAbCALR100 µl$450.00
CNA19683S [KD Validated] Casein Kinase 2 alpha (CSNK2A1) Rabbit mAbCSNK2A1100 µl$450.00
CNA19679P [KD Validated] DNMT1 Rabbit mAbDNMT1100 µl$450.00
CNA16729P [KD Validated] DNMT1 Rabbit pAbDNMT1100 µl$450.00
CNA1033T [KD Validated] ENO1 Rabbit pAbENO1100 µl$450.00
CNA11243S [KD Validated] GPX4 Rabbit mAbGPX4100 µl$450.00
CNA2416P [KD Validated] ISG15 Rabbit mAbISG15100 µl$450.00
CNA1059S [KD Validated] MLST8 Rabbit pAbMLST8100 µl$450.00
CNA5412T [KD Validated] NDUFA13/GRIM19 Rabbit pAbNDUFA13100 µl$450.00
CNA19586S [KD Validated] NQO1 Rabbit mAbNQO1  100 µl$450.00
CNA11532P [KD Validated] Proprotein Convertase 9(PCSK9) Rabbit mAbPCSK9100 µl$500.00
CNA1934S [KD Validated] RAB27A Rabbit pAbRAB27A100 µl$450.00
CNA18695P [KD Validated] RhoA Rabbit pAbRHOA100 µl$450.00
CNA19114S [KD Validated] Smad2 Rabbit mAbSmad2100 µl$450.00
CNA3588P [KD Validated] STAT2 Rabbit mAbSTAT2100 µl$450.00
CNA19129P [KD Validated] TRAF2 Rabbit mAbTRAF2100 µl$450.00
CNA5789S [KD Validated] TSG101/VPS23 Rabbit mAbTSG101100 µl$450.00
CNA18132P [KD Validated] βIII-Tubulin Mouse mAbTUBB3100 µl$450.00
CNA12555S [KO Validated] ABCF2 Rabbit pAbABCF2100 µl$500.00
CNA19654P [KO Validated] active + pro Caspase-3 Rabbit mAbCASP3100 µl$500.00
CNA2568S [KO Validated] AIF Rabbit pAbAIFM1100 µl$500.00
CNA6519S [KO Validated] AK2 Rabbit pAbAK2100 µl$500.00
CNA7339S [KO Validated] AMPKα2 Rabbit pAbPRKAA2100 µl$500.00

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