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Cancer Research Reagents

Cancer research is one of the most heavily researched areas, with advances made almost daily. Yet, more effective treatments, therapies, and methods of prevention remain elusive. As new biomarkers are characterized and found to have relevance in cancer signalling pathways, MBL International continuously adds new regents for these biomarkers to our already expansive portfolio. Please contact us if you do not see products to your biomarker of interest.


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M150-3 Anti-Atg16L mAb (Monoclonal Antibody)Atg16L100 μg$370.40
M184-3 Anti-Atg14 (Human) mAb (Monoclonal Antibody)Atg14100 µl$363.83
PM040 Anti-Atg16L (Human) pAb (Polyclonal Antibody)Atg16L100 uL$352.80
CY-M1015 Anti-Phospho-Rb (Ser807) mAb (Monoclonal Antibody)pRB100 μg$380.72
CY-M1033 Anti-PCSK9 (Human) mAb (Monoclonal Antibody)PCSK9100 μg$442.12
CY-P1018 Anti-Adiponectin pAb (Polyclonal Antibody)ADIPOQ50 µg$319.32
D060-3H Anti-RCAS1 (Human) mAb (Monoclonal Antibody)RCAS16 mL$202.64
D065-3 Anti-ST2 (Human) mAb (Monoclonal Antibody)ST2100 μg$337.73
D066-3 Anti-ST2 (Human) mAb (Monoclonal Antibody)ST2100 μg$337.73
D067-4 Anti-ST2 (Human) mAb-FITC (Monoclonal Antibody)ST21 mL (50 Tests)$337.73
D067-5 Anti-ST2 (Human) mAb-PE (Monoclonal Antibody)ST21 mL (50 Tests)$337.73
D132-3 Anti-CD279 (PD-1) (Human) mAb (Monoclonal Antibody)PD-1100 μg$337.73
D139-3 Anti-Ring1B (Mouse) mAb (Monoclonal Antibody)Ring1b100 µl$386.86
D189-1 Anti-Aggrus (Podoplanin) (Human) mAb (Monoclonal Antibody)PDPN100 µl$343.87
D190-3 Anti-Aggrus (Podoplanin) (Mouse) mAb (Monoclonal Antibody)PDPN100 μg$343.87
D198-5 Anti-CD93 (Human) mAb-PE (Monoclonal Antibody)CD931 mL (50 Tests)$257.91
D230-3 Anti-CD274 (PD-L1) (Human) mAb (Monoclonal Antibody)CD274100 μg$313.18
D238-3 Anti-MORC3 (Human) mAb (Monoclonal Antibody)MORC3100 µl$337.73
D263-3 Anti-CD63 (LAMP-3) (Mouse) mAb (Monoclonal Antibody)CD63100 µl$288.61
D320-3 Anti-Podoplanin (Human) mAb (Monoclonal Antibody)PDPN100 µl$343.87
D321-3 Anti-Podoplanin (Mouse) mAb (Monoclonal Antibody)Podoplanin100 µl$337.73
D321-A48 Anti-Podoplanin (Mouse) mAb -Alexa Fluor® 488 (Monoclonal Antibody)PDPN100 µl$380.72
D322-3 Anti-Autotaxin mAb (Monoclonal Antibody)Autotaxin100 µl$337.73
D323-3 Anti-Autotaxin mAb (Monoclonal Antibody)Autotaxin100 µl$337.73

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