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MBL International offers ready to use kits and assays that are highly cited. Discover ELISA kits, apoptosis detection kits, purification kits, and more for your research needs.

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7620 Human IL-18 ELISA KitIL-1896 Wells$655.99
7625 Mouse IL-18 ELISA KitIL-1896 Wells$655.99
CY-8052 CircuLex Dog Adiponectin ELISA KitADIPOQ96 Assays$548.48
CY-8066 CircuLex CML/Nε-(Carboxymethyl)lysine ELISA KitCML/Nε-(Carboxymethyl)lysine96 Assays$654.60
CY-8073 CircuLex S100A7/Psoriasin ELISA KitS100A7/Psoriasin         96 Assays$654.60
CY-8074 CircuLex Human Chitotriosidase ELISA KitCHITO96 Assays$654.60
CY-8077 CircuLex Mouse FABP4/A-FABP ELISA KitFABP4/AFABP96 Assays$654.60
CY-8082 CircuLex 14-3-3γ ELISA Kit14-3-3 γ96 Assays$654.60
CY-1161 CycLex® Cyclic GMP dependent protein kinase (cGK) Assay KitcGKs96 Assays$655.99
CY-1173 CycLex® CaM-kinase II assay kitCaMKII96 Assays$654.60
CY-1182 CycLex® AMPK Kinase Assay KitAMPK96 Assays$655.99
CY-8058V2 CircuLex S100A12/EN-RAGE ELISA Kit Ver.2S100A1296 Assay$655.99
CY-1251V2 CycLex® NAMPT Colorimetric Assay Kit Ver.2NAMPT100 Assays$654.60
CY-1252V2 CycLex® NMNAT1 Colorimetric Assay Kit Ver.2NMNAT1100 Assays$654.60
4700 MEBCYTO Apoptosis Kit (Annexin V-FITC Kit)Apoptosis100 Tests$327.89
4800 APOPCYTO Caspase-3 Colorimetric Assay KitCaspase-3100 Assays$375.59
4805 APOPCYTO Caspase-8 Colorimetric Assay KitCaspase-8100 Assays$375.59
4810 APOPCYTO Caspase-9 Colorimetric Assay KitCaspase-9100 Assays$375.59
8445 MEBSTAIN Apoptosis TUNEL Kit DirectApoptosisFCM:66 Tests, Stain: 40 Tests$481.95
RG-7845R2 Anti-Type VII collagen ELISA Kit (RUO)48 wellsCall Read More
5310 Ab-Match Universal kitAb-Match Universal kit96 Wells$143.08
5323 Ab-Match ASSEMBLY Human PAP1 (REG3α) kitPAP196 tests$536.56
7630 EDN ELISA KitEDN96 Wells$566.37
7650 Human IL-33 Cytokine domain Detection KitIL-3396 Wells$938.99

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