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Immunology Reagents

The study of the immune system has led to immeasurable discoveries that have improved the lives of humans worldwide. From understanding the development of innate and adaptive immunity,, to how T-cells are regulated, the immunology field has made significant advances. However, there is still a great deal unknown. MBL International offers a wide breadth of products including antibodies, neutralizing antibodies, recombinant proteins, and ELISA kits.


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7620 Human IL-18 ELISA KitIL-1896 Wells$655.99
B001-5 Recombinant Human IL-18IL-1825 µg$337.73
D044-3 Anti-IL-18 (Clone 125-2H) (Human) mAb (Monoclonal Antibody)IL-18100 µl$362.29
D045-3 Anti-IL-18 (Clone 159-12B) (Human) mAb (Monoclonal Antibody)IL-18100 µl$337.73
D045-6 Anti-IL-18 (Human) mAb-Biotin (Monoclonal Antibody)IL-1850 µl$343.87
D046-3 Anti-IL-18 (Clone 39-3F) (Mouse) mAb (Monoclonal Antibody)IL-18100 µl$337.73
D047-3 Anti-IL-18 (Clone 74) (Mouse) mAb (Monoclonal Antibody)IL-18100 µl$337.73
D048-3 Anti-IL-18 (Clone 93-10C) (Mouse) mAb (Monoclonal Antibody)IL-18100 µl$362.29
D048-6 Anti-IL-18 (Mouse) mAb-Biotin (Monoclonal Antibody)IL-1850 µl$337.73
M150-3 Anti-Atg16L mAb (Monoclonal Antibody)Atg16L100 μg$370.40
M184-3 Anti-Atg14 (Human) mAb (Monoclonal Antibody)Atg14100 µl$363.83
PM014 Anti-IL-18 (Human) pAb (Polyclonal Antibody)IL-18100 uL$288.61
PM040 Anti-Atg16L (Human) pAb (Polyclonal Antibody)Atg16L100 uL$352.80
B002-5 Recombinant Mouse IL-18IL-1825 µg$343.87
B003-2 Recombinant IL-18 (without BSA)IL-18200 μg$1,412.35
B003-5 Recombinant Human IL-18 (without BSA)IL-1825 µg$337.73
B004-2 Recombinant Mouse IL-18 (Without BSA)IL-18200 μg$1,412.35
7625 Mouse IL-18 ELISA KitIL-1896 Wells$655.99
CY-R2274 Mouse ISG15 Recombinant ProteinISG15100 μg$429.84
CY-8058V2 CircuLex S100A12/EN-RAGE ELISA Kit Ver.2S100A1296 Assay$655.99
TS-HCD-1 T-Select Human CD1d Tetramer-SA-PENKT cells50 tests$1,400.00
TS-HCD-2 T-Select Human CD1d Tetramer - APCNKT cells50 tests$1,500.00
TS-MCD-1 T-Select Mouse CD1d Tetramer-SA-PENKT cells50 tests$1,400.00
TS-MCD-2 T-Select Mouse CD1d Tetramer - APCNKT cells50 tests$1,500.00

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