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Apoptosis Reagents

Apoptosis, a form of programmed cell death, is not only a major process within normal homeostasis but is present in disease states such as cancer and many autoimmune and neurodegenerative diseases. Apoptosis is accompanied by condensation of cytoplasm, loss of plasma membrane microvilli, condensation and fragmentation of nuclei, and extensive degradation of chromosomal DNA into oligomers of about 180 bp.

A large number of molecules are involved in carrying out and regulating apoptosis. The process of apoptosis involves numerous proteins and other molecules. MBL International offers antibodies, recombinant proteins, kits and assays to assist in detection and analysis of different apoptotic molecules.

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CY-P1041 Anti-cIAP 1and 2cIAP 1 and 2100 μg$356.15
D031-3 Anti-Proton Pump (H, K-ATPase α subunit) (Mouse) mAb (Monoclonal Antibody)Proton pump100 μg$337.73
D031-3H Anti-Proton Pump (H, K-ATPase α subunit) (Mouse) mAb (Monoclonal Antibody)Proton pump6 mL$202.64
D032-3 Anti-Proton Pump (H, K-ATPaseβ subunit) (Mouse) mAb (Monoclonal Antibody)Proton pump100 μg$337.73
D036-4 Anti-CD157 (BST-1) (Human) mAb-FITC (Monoclonal Antibody)BST-1/CD15750 tests$313.18
D038-3 Anti-Bcl-2 (Rat) mAb (Monoclonal Antibody)Bcl-2100 μg$307.04
D086-3 Anti-ASC (TMS1) (Human) mAbASC100 µl$337.73
D086-A64 Anti-ASC (TMS1) (Human) mAb-Alexa Fluor® 647 (Monoclonal Antibody)ASC100 µl$363.83
D132-4 Anti-CD279 (PD-1) (Human) mAb-FITC (Monoclonal Antibody)PD-150 µg$343.87
D132-5 Anti-CD279 (PD-1) (Human) mAb-PE (Monoclonal Antibody)PD-150 tests$313.18
D133-3 Anti-CD279 (PD-1) (Human) mAb (Monoclonal Antibody)PD-1100 μg$337.73
D133-5 Anti-CD279 (PD-1) (Human) mAb-PE (Monoclonal Antibody)PD-150 tests$313.18
D161-3 Anti-MFG-E8 (Mouse) mAb (Monoclonal Antibody)MFG-E8100 μg$313.17
D199-3 Anti-MFG-E8 (Mouse) mAb (Monoclonal Antibody)MFG-E8100 μg$313.17
D204-3 Anti-CD52 (CAMPATH-1) (Mouse) mAb (Monoclonal Antibody)CAMPATH-1/CD52100 μg/100 μL$303.19
D230-5 Anti-CD274 (PD-L1) (Human) mAb-PE (Monoclonal Antibody)CD2741 mL (50 Tests)$313.18
D233-3 Anti-Mesothelin (Mouse) mAb (Monoclonal Antibody)Mesothelian100 µl$337.73
K0181-3 Anti-p53 (Human) mAb (Monoclonal Antibody)p53100 μg$257.91
K0205-3 Anti-Txnip (VDUP1) (Human) mAb (Monoclonal Antibody)VDUP-1/Txnip100 μg$380.72
K0208-3 Anti-HLA-A24 (Human) mAb (Monoclonal Antibody)HLA-A24100 μg$257.91
M009-3 Anti-Amyloid Precursor Protein (Human/Mouse) mAb (Monoclonal Antibody)Amyloid Precursor100 μg$337.73
M010-3 Anti-BAX (Human) mAb (Monoclonal Antibody)Bax100 μg$307.04
M013-3 Anti-Thioredoxin (Trx-tag) mAb (Monoclonal Antibody)Trx100 μg$337.73
M029-3 Anti-Caspase-4 (Human) mAb (Monoclonal Antibody)Caspase 4100 uL$307.04

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