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Metabolism Reagents

Metabolism, by definition, is when an organism uses a chemical reaction process from within to sustain life. This process is necessary in all life forms, however, when there are defects, the implications can be dire.  Metabolic pathways and processes are continuously studied to learn more about how science can be used to improve metabolism.  MBL International offers ELISA kits and other assay reagents against many metabolic biomarkers including S100 proteins, PCSK9, Chitinase, and others.

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CNA1033T [KD Validated] ENO1 Rabbit pAbENO1100 µl$450.00
CNA11243S [KD Validated] GPX4 Rabbit mAbGPX4100 µl$450.00
CNA1059S [KD Validated] MLST8 Rabbit pAbMLST8100 µl$450.00
CNA5412T [KD Validated] NDUFA13/GRIM19 Rabbit pAbNDUFA13100 µl$450.00
CNA19586S [KD Validated] NQO1 Rabbit mAbNQO1  100 µl$450.00
CNA11532P [KD Validated] Proprotein Convertase 9(PCSK9) Rabbit mAbPCSK9100 µl$500.00
CNA6519S [KO Validated] AK2 Rabbit pAbAK2100 µl$500.00
CNA7339S [KO Validated] AMPKα2 Rabbit pAbPRKAA2100 µl$500.00
CNA12491S [KO Validated] AMPKβ1 Rabbit pAbPRKAB1100 µl$500.00
CNA16767T [KO Validated] ASS1 Rabbit pAbASS1100 µl$500.00
CNA19677S [KO Validated] ATG5 Rabbit mAbAtg5100 µl$500.00
CNA5099S [KO Validated] ATPIF1 Rabbit pAbATP5IF1100 µl$500.00
CNA8546T [KO Validated] B4GALT1 Rabbit pAbB4GALT1100 µl$500.00
CNA18642P [KO Validated] Bax Rabbit mAbBax100 µl$500.00
CNA20227P [KO Validated] Bax Rabbit mAbBax100 µl$500.00
CNA0207T [KO Validated] Bax Rabbit pAbBax100 µl$500.00
CNA11550S [KO Validated] Bax Rabbit pAbBax100 µl$500.00
CNA15633T [KO Validated] Bax Rabbit pAbBax100 µl$500.00
CNA1106S [KO Validated] Bcl10 Rabbit pAbBCL10100 µl$500.00
CNA19032S [KO Validated] c-Myc Rabbit mAbMyc100 µl$500.00
CNA1861S [KO Validated] Calpain 2 Rabbit pAbCAPN2100 µl$500.00
CNA18080T [KO Validated] CDK5 Rabbit pAbCDK5100 µl$500.00
CNA5730T [KO Validated] CDK5 Rabbit pAbCDK5100 µl$500.00
CNA19094P [KO Validated] CDKN1A/p21 Rabbit mAbCDKN1A100 µl$500.00

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