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Exosome Reagents

MBLI offers kits, antibodies, tools, and protocols for the isolation and characterization of exosomes. ExoCap™ kits are designed for exosome isolation and enrichment and are optimized for use with serum, plasma and cell culture supernatants. ExoCap™ Streptavidin Kit is designed for customized isolation and analysis of exosomes or microvesicles, called Extracellular Vesicles (EVs), using the researcher’s biotinylated molecules such as antibodies against exosome surface marker proteins.


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MEX002-3 Anti-CD63 (LAMP-3) mAb (Monoclonal Antibody)CD63 (LAMP-3)100 µl$429.84
MEX002-12 Anti-CD63 (LAMP-3) mAb-ALP (Monoclonal Antibody)CD63 (LAMP-3)50 uL$325.24
MEX002-6 Anti-CD63 (LAMP-3) mAb-Biotin (Monoclonal Antibody)CD63 (LAMP-3)50 µl$334.99
MEX002-4 Anti-CD63 (LAMP-3) mAb-FITC (Monoclonal Antibody)CD63 (LAMP-3)50 ug/100 uL$325.24
MEX003-3 Anti-CD81 (TAPA1) mAb (Monoclonal Antibody)CD81 (TAPA1)100 μg/100 μL$429.84
MEX003-12 Anti-CD81 (TAPA1) mAb-ALP (Monoclonal Antibody)CD81 (TAPA1)50 uL$325.24
MEX003-6 Anti-CD81 (TAPA1) mAb-Biotin (Monoclonal Antibody)CD81 (TAPA1)50 µL (1 mg/mL)$334.99
MEX003-4 Anti-CD81 (TAPA1) mAb-FITC (Monoclonal Antibody)CD81 (TAPA1)50 ug/100 uL$325.24
MEX001-3 Anti-CD9 mAb (Monoclonal Antibody)CD9100 µl$429.84
MEX001-12 Anti-CD9 mAb-ALP (Monoclonal Antibody)CD950 uL$325.24
MEX001-6 Anti-CD9 mAb-Biotin (Monoclonal Antibody)CD950 µL (1 mg/mL)$334.99
MEX001-4 Anti-CD9 mAb-FITC (Monoclonal Antibody)CD950 ug/100 uL$325.24

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