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Antibody Reagents

MBL International offers a wide variety of primary antibodies and isotype controls covering many different research areas including autophagy, apoptosis, immunology, and more. These antibodies have high sensitivity and specificity and are validated for numerous applications.

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CNA12555S [KO Validated] ABCF2 Rabbit pAbABCF2100 µl$500.00
CNA19654P [KO Validated] active + pro Caspase-3 Rabbit mAbCASP3100 µl$500.00
CNA2568S [KO Validated] AIF Rabbit pAbAIFM1100 µl$500.00
CNA6519S [KO Validated] AK2 Rabbit pAbAK2100 µl$500.00
CNA7339S [KO Validated] AMPKα2 Rabbit pAbPRKAA2100 µl$500.00
CNA12491S [KO Validated] AMPKβ1 Rabbit pAbPRKAB1100 µl$500.00
CNA7109S [KO Validated] ANAPC5 Rabbit pAbANAPC5100 µl$500.00
CNA1728S [KO Validated] Annexin A5/Annexin V Rabbit pAbANXA5100 µl$500.00
CNA1118S [KO Validated] ANXA1 Rabbit pAbANXA1100 µl$500.00
CNA5893S [KO Validated] APEH Rabbit pAbAPEH100 µl$500.00
CNA2587S [KO Validated] APEX1/APE1 Rabbit pAbAPEX1100 µl$500.00
CNA17911S [KO Validated] APP Rabbit mAbAPP100 µl$500.00
CNA4274T [KO Validated] ARHGEF1 Rabbit pAbARHGEF1100 µl$500.00
CNA13371S [KO Validated] ARMET/ARP/MANF Rabbit pAbMANF100 µl$500.00
CNA16767T [KO Validated] ASS1 Rabbit pAbASS1100 µl$500.00
CNA2155T [KO Validated] ATF2 Rabbit pAbATF2100 µl$500.00
CNA19677S [KO Validated] ATG5 Rabbit mAbAtg5100 µl$500.00
CNA18257T [KO Validated] ATM Rabbit pAbATM100 µl$500.00
CNA5099S [KO Validated] ATPIF1 Rabbit pAbATP5IF1100 µl$500.00
CNA8546T [KO Validated] B4GALT1 Rabbit pAbB4GALT1100 µl$500.00
CNA13353S [KO Validated] BAF57/SMARCE1 Rabbit pAbSMARCE1100 µl$500.00
CNA18642P [KO Validated] Bax Rabbit mAbBax100 µl$500.00
CNA20227P [KO Validated] Bax Rabbit mAbBax100 µl$500.00
CNA0207T [KO Validated] Bax Rabbit pAbBax100 µl$500.00

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